The need to maintain and protect the digital legacy is highlighted by action against Apple

In October 2015 Safe4 launched the Digital Inheritance Vault at the Society of Will Writers annual Conference in Redditch, UK. Since then, the will writing community have been adopting the service in increasing numbers to offer it to their clients. One of the key benefits that the Vault provides is the ability to keep a record of all passwords and PINs in a completely secure place, visible only to the end client. This not only covers online accounts with banks, building societies, credit card providers, insurers and the like, but also social media accounts and physical devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets. The will-writer cannot gain access to this private information, but it can be released to the executor of the estate after the client’s death.

A recent case in Canada has demonstrated just how valuable such a service can be, as highlighted in the media this week. Whilst in this instance Apple have eventually agreed to open the iPad for the family, it took months of argument and aggravation at a time when the family was grieving. The contents of the iPad will almost certainly have no monetary value, but will contain cherished memories that can be enormously important to the family.

The Safe4 Digital Inheritance Vault makes provision for the recording of such information, and keeps it completely private. For more information on how the service works, please click here, or contact us. We will be delighted to assist you.