July 2021 – A record month for Safe4

July 2021 saw a record number of vaults being created in Safe4 in a single month. During July, 19,468 new vaults were created, bringing the total in the system to well over 165,000.

The rapid recent growth in the number if vaults is partly a result of Safe4 being used to handle highly personal health information, primarily related to Covid testing. The flexibility and security of Safe4 makes it an ideal solution to the problem of providing patients with critical medical information rapidly and safely, without risking the use of open email.

Safe4 also recorded another milestone in July, with over 150,000 users being registered in the system. These users enjoy highly secure access to information, whether for personal or business use. Safe4 stores all information in the system in UK-only data centres, accredited to ISO 27001.

If you would like more information on how Safe4 can help to improve the security of movement and storage of critical information, please contact us. We will be delighted to assist.

Another record month for Safe4

February 2017, in spite of being a short month, has been a record month for Safe4, with the highest number of new user sign-ups achieved so far. Safe4 customers are continuing to enjoy the benefits of secure document delivery and storage, and are sharing this with their clients and other business contacts in ever-increasing numbers.

As well as record growth in February, Safe4 also achieved another month of 100% availability in January 2017, as confirmed by independent monitoring services. It’s good to know that the information held in Safe4 is being securely stored in the UK in ISO 27001-accredited data centres, and even better to know that it is always available to authorised users when it is needed.

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Another month of 100% availability, and record new user sign-ups for Safe4

April 2016 saw another 100% record of availability for Safe4, according to an independent monitoring service. This contrasts strongly with a number of other online services – one of the UK’s leading banks, for example, suffered an outage over the recent bank holiday weekend that had a severe impact on client services.

User sign-ups in April were also a new record, as a result of Safe4 customers initiating new data rooms and projects. Usage of the Safe4 secure document delivery and storage service has been growing steadily since inception in 2010, reinforcing the confidence that customers have shown in the security and effectiveness of the system, and the value that it brings to their client relationships.

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