Thank you for purchasing your Covid-19 test kit from Screen4. Safe4 and Screen4 have teamed up to provide you with a facility that will handle your private information as securely and efficiently as possible. Your personal data will be managed in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act, which incorporated the European GDPR in May 2018. Everything you enter will be stored in UK-only data centres accredited to ISO 27001.

Getting Started

Please bookmark this web page – you may find it helpful later in the process. It will be easier if you use your phone for this service, but it will work correctly in a browser on a computer. We suggest that you complete this process and set up your account as soon as you receive the invitation. You can go back to it at any time – when you take your test you will need to enter the sample barcode within the stipulated number of hours before your flight, according your destination country.

Please note:  if you have ordered multiple tests using the same email address, please click here.  If you have ordered multiple tests with different email addresses, each of the people on the order will receive their own invitation.

Creating Your Account

You have already received the invitation to set up your account. After you have clicked the “Create Account” button, you will be shown this screen. You can enlarge any of these images by tapping them on your phone, or clicking on your computer.

This is where you create your account in the system and set up your vault. Please enter a username (your own name is usually the best option) and a password that complies with the requirements shown on the page. This can be up to 150 characters long should you wish to use a favourite line from a poem or song to make it easier to remember.

We recommend that you store your username and password in the browser, to make it easier to go back into your vault later.

Confirming Your Details

You will then be asked to login. Enter your username and password, and you will see this page, which shows the test you have ordered, as well as potentially others if you have ordered multiple tests on your email address:

This screen shows the type of test that you have ordered. Click on the box that indicates the test type, and you will be shown this page. It is quite a long page, shown here as 2 separate screenshots:

The fields shown on this page will be populated with the information you entered when you placed your order on the Screen4 website. Please make sure that the information is correct, and click “Confirm Test”. If there is an error in any of the information in your account, you will not be able to change it yourself. Because Screen4 are accountable for all of the data, which has to be reported to the UK Government, they are the only ones permitted to change the information in the account. If anything needs to be changed, please contact Screen4 at covid19@screen4.org. They will make any changes you require.

Similarly, if there is a change in your arrangements, such as flight details or dates of travel, please email covid19@screen4.org.

If you do decide to go back to your Home Page, you will be shown this screen:

This indicates that the next stage is for the addition of the barcode that is printed on the sample tube in your test kit.

At this point, if you have booked your flight some time in advance, you can logout by clicking Logout at the top right of the screen.  You can then come back in when you actually take your test.  When you do, click here to get back to the login screen. Do not go back to the link on your original invitation email, as this is for a single use only.

Entering Your Sample Barcode

After you have re-entered the system, you will be shown a screen that allows you to enter the barcode of your test. Please make sure that this is the number on the sample tube that you will send to the laboratory. This must be done when you actually take the test, to comply with the pre-flight hours for your destination country if you are travelling. You will see this screen, shown here as three separate screenshots:

The number shown on your test kit must be entered into this page, and confirmed as the illustration shows. You will need to enter the barcode twice, and confirm that it is correct by ticking the box.

When that has been done, you will be shown a page confirming the process for getting your sample to the laboratory. Please take note that arrangements made by Screen4 must be followed closely to reduce the risk of delays in transit.

If you go back to the Home Page at this point, you will see that you are awaiting your result:

Downloading Your Certificate and Pass

When your sample has been processed by the laboratory and the result determined, you will be notified of this by email. The email will carry a link, and when clicked you will have the option of downloading a certificate or a pass, or both.

By clicking on the certificate option shown above, you will be able to download a PDF file to your phone or computer. This can either be printed or shown on your phone, depending on the requirements of your destination country. The certificate will look like this:

The “Date Received”, “Authorised By” and “Certification Date” fields are blank on this illustration, but they will be completed by the laboratory and shown on your certificate. The other option allows the result to be downloaded as a pass and held in the wallet on your phone. The illustration above shows the graphic representing the Apple wallet, but the pass can downloaded to Android phones in the same way. The pass will look like this:

The QR code on the pass can be scanned by another phone, or any scanning device, and will display the result of your test direct from the secure Safe4 website, thus providing independent verification of your test result.

Wherever you are travelling to, we wish you a safe and enjoyable trip.