Safe4 version 5.03 is released into production

The ongoing development of the Safe4 secure information management service continues, with version 5.03 being announced and available for use today.

In addition to a series of internal enhancements, the new release now offers customers the ability to manage users through a single console interface. Safe4 customers have increasingly found it useful to offer their services through multiple provider accounts, in order to allow differential branding and nomenclature to reflect the specific business application in question. Users have hitherto been added to new vaults and provider accounts through an invitation process.  This will continue for new users, but those who already have a Safe4 account can now be added to additional vaults and providers through a new interface available to the system administrator. Similarly, removal of user accounts can now be accomplished very rapidly without having to enter each vault to which they had access.

There are many other system developments in the Safe4 product pipeline. If you would like any further information, please get in touch with us.