Safe4 Launches New Website

Safe4 is very pleased to announce the launch of a newly designed website. In developing the new site we have tried to ensure it contains information for both prospective and current customers.

As well as a new design, which you will see roll out across all our material in the coming months – we have restructured the website to help you find the information you need more quickly.

The site is structured around the benefits and features of the Safe4 service that any business will obtain by making use of the solution. While these provide important information we have added a much clearer section on “Business Sectors” which provide specific examples of how the Safe4 service can deliver specific benefits in a range of industries and business sectors.

Covering Legal and Professional, Finance, Property, Health, Public Sector and Corporate uses these pages provide a lot of insight into how Safe4 can supplement your existing processes and deliver significant returns.

We have also taken the opportunity to make it easier to find Case Studies, and detailed White Papers applicable to different industries which provide much more detailed information on how a business can maximise the value of using Safe4.

Finally News and Articles have been provided which list product development news, customer announcements, security advice and other business ideas.

We hope you like the new design and the structure of the information in the site. Please do let us have your feedback and suggestions for more information you would like to see in the system.