Safe4 achieves 100% availability again in March 2015

Based on figures from an independent agency, Safe4 has been given a 100% availability rating for March 2015.  This means that not only is Safe4 among the most secure services on the internet, is is also available at any time, from anywhere.  Safe4 aims for 99.99% availability, and has reached 100% on many occasions since its inception in 2010.

Added to an average page delivery time of half a second, this makes Safe4 a fast and safe option for the delivery and management of confidential information.  This performance rating has been achieved in conjunction with ever-increasing numbers of users and volume of information stored.

For more information on how Safe4 can help your business to get information to clients and other external parties faster and more securely, please get in touch with us.  We will be very pleased to assist.