Re-emphasising the value of audit trails

Proving that information has been accessed after it has been delivered can be a challenge. That is the main purpose of the detailed File History within Safe4, and it is proving to be of increasing value to customers and their clients.

Whether the activity in question is a complex corporate merger or acquisition, a personal inheritance plan, or updates to an insurance policy, it is often essential to know that the information in question has been received and opened. Sending printed documents in the post cannot provide this feedback, nor can sending documents as email attachments. The read-receipt provided by email systems does not confirm that the attachment has been opened, or even that it has not been deleted altogether.

Another benefit of the Safe4 audit trail is that it provides evidence that a confidential document has NOT been accessed by anyone other than an authorised person. This is especially valuable when deeply confidential information is being assembled in a private inheritance plan – it is impossible to prove that paper records have not been seen by someone they shouldn’t have, for example. The Safe4 Digital Inheritance Vault gives a level of security and confidentiality that can be difficult to achieve using other methods of managing information.

For more information on how using Safe4 can enhance the security of your private information, please get in touch with us. We will be delighted to assist.