Not all providers of cloud-based services are the same …

An increasing number of major IT companies are now offering cloud-based computing services. Many of them are household names, often associated with the technologies we all use every day such as email, online shopping, and search engines. But are they ideal places to manage and store critical or confidential information?

Another instance of non-availability of cloud services has been highlighted in the media this week. Whilst every service provider may occasionally suffer from problems caused by human error, offering a high level of availability in conjunction with exceptional standards of security demands a different approach from that provided by many of the industry’s leading names. This approach is one of many factors that differentiates Safe4 from the majority of service providers who use cloud-based facilities.

Holding all customer data in UK-based data centres accredited to the ISO 27001 international standard for information security is not the cheapest way to make cloud-based services available, but that is the approach taken by Safe4. Equally, compliance with the requirements of regulatory bodies such as the UK’s Solicitors Regulation Authority is not easy or straightforward – but again, this is the path Safe4 has chosen to follow.

We would be delighted to provide you with more detail on how Safe4 can assist your business to manage confidential information safely and securely; please get in touch with us.