March 2020 sees the millionth upload to Safe4

This month has seen the millionth upload to Safe4. The number of uploads to Safe4 had already eclipsed the previous monthly record before we reached the middle of March, reflecting the dramatic changes in working practices caused by the rapid spread of the Coronavirus in the United Kingdom.

When a pandemic such as Covid-19 has such an enormous impact on the way organisations operate, the need for rapid and safe communication is paramount. Safe4 has assisted a number of customers to set up new channels of communication so that interaction with staff who are working from home is made easier and more effective.

The availability of cloud-based services and resources has had a profound impact on our ability to withstand the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Business resilience is greatly improved, and although the UK economy will undoubtedly be severely disrupted during this period, we will maintain a greater semblance of normality than would have been the case several decades ago.

If you would like more information on how Safe4 can assist your organisation to deal with the effects of major disruptive events, please contact us.