Managing Critical Documents in Difficult Economic Times

The life of the Independent Financial Adviser is difficult enough in these times of tight regulation and tough economic circumstances for many people.  A perfect time, in fact, to make sure that every possible effort is made to reduce costs, enhance productivity and improve client service.  By paying attention to their business processes, IFAs can take significant steps towards ensuring that their business is in the best possible shape when economic conditions are more favourable.

That is why Alan Mills, Managing Director of Barnsley-based Pennine Financial Planning, has chosen this time to implement the Safe4 secure online document delivery and storage service on behalf of his clients.  Using Safe4 will indeed save money and improve client service, but crucially it will also allow Pennine to increase the efficiency of their business processes, making sure that they can handle the increased volumes of activity when the market has fully recovered without increasing their overhead costs.

Alan Mills has a very clear view of the current situation:  “As one of a relatively small number of fully qualified Chartered Financial Planners in Yorkshire, I need to make sure that when business activity does improve again that Pennine is able to expand its level of business without threatening client service or our ability to stay fully compliant with the demanding regulatory environment in which we operate.  Using Safe4 to handle all of our document delivery and storage will enable us to do this at the same time as adding real value to our client relationships.”