What is the Digital Legacy, and how can it be captured?


Almost all of us now use electronic systems to help to manage different aspects of our lives. Many of these are online, and use services based in what is known as “The Cloud”. Safe4 is a classic example of this, and uses the Cloud to good effect to make sharing and managing documents online possible with complete security.

But the range of online services has grown exponentially in the last decade. Email is comparatively long-established, but a host of facilities including social media, online purchasing and exchange systems, and even gambling services have mushroomed in recent times. Each of these will contain information about us, and many may actually hold cash balances that should form part of our estate. Even the everyday devices that we use to capture information without thinking – mobile phones and tablets – will be valuable sources of our personal histories after we die.

Inheritance planning services have for many years handled the more formal aspects of dealing with an estate, but they are not able to capture and manage the digital lives that almost all of us are now creating. To meet this need, Safe4 have created the Digital Inheritance Vault in conjunction with the Society of Will Writers as a means of ensuring that the electronic existence of each of us can be held securely and passed on to future generations.

The Safe4 Digital Inheritance Vault is being formally launched at the Society of Will Writers annual conference at Redditch on 5 and 6 October. For more information please contact us. We can help you to offer a unique service to your clients.