Dealing with winter weather

Unexpected bad weather catches us off guard almost every year.  By my reckoning, I’ve been snowed in on 3 separate occasions this year:  in January, February, and again this week.  This can play havoc with running a business, when many staff simply can’t get into the office or place of work.

However, the arrival of Safe4 has helped to change that.  Using the internet, any authorised person can deliver documents to their colleagues and clients, as well as gaining access to all of the organisation’s stored information.  No need to set up complex and expensive Virtual Private Networks, no need to let your clients have access to your own IT systems.  And its completely secure.

Every organisation is affected differently by interruptions caused by the weather.  At least for some companies, Safe4 can help your staff to maintain a high level of productivity when transport networks are struggling, saving time and money and keeping your clients happy.