Safe4 launches version 2 of their unique secure document delivery solution

Safe4 are very excited to announce the immediate availability of Version 2 of their unique solution to support professionals communicating documents to their clients with complete security.

There have been some new developments to the Safe4 Secure Vault service, with specific enhancements to the administration of the system.  It is now possible for Safe4 provider users to exercise greater control over the way in which both your own users and your clients’ users are managed.  These are described in detail in the latest Safe4 Administration Manual, which can be accessed by clicking here.

Your clients’ users will receive a separate email directing them to a different Release Blog.  For your information, this can be accessed by clicking here.

The key changes to the system for providers are:

  • Incorporation of a Personal Identification Number (PIN) into the user login process. This provides an extra level of security and is optional. It is applied by the provider system administrator on a client-by-client basis.
  • Changes to the way in which Safe4 groups are managed.  More detailed definition of user capabilities has been provided, so that users can be granted more specific access rights and restrictions.
  • The ability to assign groups to provider users as well as client users.
  • Enhanced control over users.  Certain administration rights can now be added to each provider user’s profile, allowing some aspects of system administration to be delegated.
  • The ability for provider users to receive email notification when new files are added to a Safe4 vault, whether by a provider or client user.
  • The ability for provider users to opt out of the receipt of email notifications for new files.

Client users will also see some substantial benefits from new features that make it easier for them to access documents.

  • Your Safe4 provider may now require the use of a Personal Identification Number (PIN) which will need to be used when you login to the system. This is to add extra security to the Vault.
  • The section of the Safe4 File and Folders page that shows the list of files contained within a folder has changed.  You now have the ability to select files for specific actions, dependent upon the rights of access you have been granted.
  • Some of the functions on the Safe4 screen displaying the files contained within a folder have changed, and some buttons have been repositioned.

Accountants making progress with Safe4

Getting critical documents to clients can be time-consuming and costly.  Especially when the client is a Trust, with Trustees that work in different environments and don’t have access to common IT systems and resources.  Correct, secure storage of documents is very much dependent on how well organised each of the Trustees is.  And, of course, sharing documents between Trustees can be a real challenge.

Manningtons, Chartered Accountants in Heathfield, East Sussex, have come up with the answer.  They have started to use Safe4 on behalf of the Heathfield and Waldron Millennium Green Trust, and are now able to deliver documents instantly to all members of the Trust by simply placing a document into the web-based Safe4 vault.  This gives immediate access to all of the Trustees, and informs them by email that a new document has been delivered.  Once in the vault, documents can be moved between folders to indicate whether they are Work in Progress, Approved, or Archived, and accessed at any time by members after entering a secure login and password.

Alan Staples, senior partner at Manningtons, is one of the Trustees, and is seeing the opportunity to greatly improve the way the Trust manages its documents.  The Millennium Green Trust is one of a number of clients who are now using the Safe4 service through Manningtons.  Saving money and making the communication process faster and easier – that sounds like a great way forward.

Safe4 Launches in Leeds

Today sees the official Safe4’s national launch of an exciting new service designed to help professional practitioners and other businesses to get critical documents direct to their clients. Documents are then retained in a secure online vault to which both business and client have access from anywhere at any time.

The Lord Mayor of Leeds, accompanied by the Lady Mayoress, will speak at the launch in the presence of the Deputy Lieutenant of West Yorkshire. The event takes place at the historic Club LS1 in the heart of the city which is the UK’s leading centre for financial and professional services outside London.

Howard Kew, CEO of Financial Leeds, says “Innovative companies such as Safe4 bring additional impetus to the role of Leeds and the city region as a centre of business excellence, emphasising the importance of the region to the greater national economy.”  He continues “We welcome Safe4 to the Leeds business environment and are sure that their unique solution to the problems of managing critical documents in the digital age will be of interest to the many financial and professional service providers established in the region.”

Keith Madeley appointed Safe-4 Ambassador

Safe-4 have appointed Keith Madeley the prominent and highly respected business leader in the Yorkshire and Humberside region, as the Safe-4 Ambassador for the Yorkshire region. He will champion the use of secure online document delivery solutions for lawyers, accountants many different types of business in the region.

Keith  added “I am delighted to accept the post of Ambassador for the Safe4 business initiative because it reinforces my desire to see Yorkshire businesses draw together to embrace new technology. In so doing it helps create a vibrant local environment and solid future for youngsters across the whole community. Safe4 is an important step on the way”