Careless use of email continues to lead to security breaches

As in previous years, global accounting and consultancy services provider pwc has released its 2015 report on information security breaches, and the impact that they have on businesses of all sizes.  The costs of such breaches are huge, both in financial terms and from a reputational perspective.

Interestingly, a significant number of breaches are caused by employee behaviour rather than technology-related issues.  Companies that allowed their staff to access social networking services and peer-to-peer file sharing sites suffered higher levels of information leakage. Following on from the Bank of England’s experiences relating to “auto-complete” of email addresses, careless or uncontrolled use of email remains a damaging cause of security failings.  This was commented on last week by Safe4.

The approach adopted by Safe4 can help to eliminate such security breaches.  By placing confidential information into a secure vault, only approved and authorised users are permitted to gain access, and all actions are comprehensively recorded in audit trails. Email need never be used to carry confidential files as attachments.

For further information on how your organisation can benefit from using Safe4, please contact us.  We will be very pleased to assist.