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Safe4 has been registered as a G-Cloud supplier

A new round of updates to the UK Government’s G-Cloud Digital Marketplace has been announced today, and Safe4 Information Management has been successfully registered as a G-Cloud supplier. This will allow public sector organisations in the UK to purchase Safe4 through G-Cloud without having to go through the OJEU (Official Journal of the European Union) […]

More good news for Safe4 customers – outstanding availability record

Safe4 has achieved outstanding availability in the last 7 months.  Since 1 October 2017 the highly secure information delivery and storage service has achieved 100% uptime, with not a single second lost through system outages of any kind. This represents a stark contrast with other cloud-based information management services, many of which report outages almost […]

Insecure email communication still causing huge losses through fraud

Recent news has highlighted once again the risks caused by using insecure email communication to transfer confidential information, as this article shows. The effect of online theft is clearly devastating for those that have had their money stolen – in many cases these losses represent life savings and cannot be recovered. Criminals posing as conveyancing solicitors, or […]

Charities are exposed to serious risk when documents are lost

Proper management of sensitive records can be challenging, but when the documents in question relate to vulnerable individuals who are receiving care from charities or local authorities, the consequences of information falling into the wrong hands can be very damaging.  Recent cases of paper documents being lost highlight this risk. The impending arrival of GDPR […]

Version 5.04 of Safe4 is released

Safe4 have released version 5.04 of the secure information delivery and storage service. This release includes a significant number of internal enhancements, and will assist with the administration and management of the service. Users will notice changes in the way that reports and messages are handled and displayed, with more flexible options for listing and […]

Virus checker issues led to intermittent upload failures for Safe4

At around 9:30 GMT on Friday 26 January 2018 the Safe4 system began to experience intermittent failures when uploading files. This was displayed to users as a “rejected” message in the web user interface or an error message if using the Safe4 API. Investigation showed that the issue was caused by an intermittent failure of the virus scanner […]

Slow progress for GDPR across Europe

Most EU member states are not making much progress towards preparing their own legislative position for the effective date of the General Data Protection Regulation on 25 May this year, according to an article published today. As many UK businesses are aware, the Information Commissioner’s Office has been issuing guidance and warnings on GDPR for […]

Safe4 version 5.03 is released into production

The ongoing development of the Safe4 secure information management service continues, with version 5.03 being announced and available for use today. In addition to a series of internal enhancements, the new release now offers customers the ability to manage users through a single console interface. Safe4 customers have increasingly found it useful to offer their services through […]