Are law firms really slow to adopt new technology?

A recent article on the BBC website asks, in a somewhat tongue-in-cheek manner, whether technology can bring lawyers into the 21st Century.  The media often portray lawyers as clinging on to time-honoured practices, increasing the time taken to pursue cases – as well as the charges to their clients.

But is this accurate? Whilst it is true that a number of smaller law firms in the UK are reluctant to embrace technology, many leading firms have made substantial investments in IT, and are increasingly using technology to reduce costs and improve client service. The arrival of fixed fee charging has made a difference, no doubt partially driven by the Alternative Business Structures legislation a few years ago that has seen high-profile corporate new entrants into the legal sector.

Safe4 works with a number of law firms, and is seeing heavy usage by a number of them across a range of business sectors: virtual data rooms for corporate mergers and acquisitions, residential and commercial property, dispute resolution, employment law, family law, sport and leisure, and inheritance planning to name but a few. Safe4 have invested heavily in ensuring adherence to Solicitors Regulation Authority guidance, thus reducing risk for their customers.

For more detail on how using Safe4 can save law firms money, enhance client service and improve compliance, please contact us. We will be very happy to assist you.