Press Release: Safe4 and Mint Bridging to work together

The Background

Mint Bridging is currently the UK’s fastest growing specialist provider of short-term bridging and re-bridging loans.  Based in Altrincham, Cheshire, they offer bridging finance on residential and commercial properties to non-owner-occupier borrowers.  Formed in 2011, Mint Bridging brings more than 50 years’ experience to their operation, and provides rapid and flexible service for loans between £27,500 and £5,000,000.  With a solid base of private investors to support their funding requirements, they are able to make use of an in-house legal team as well as working with external brokers and law firms.

Mint first made contact with Safe4 in April 2017, as a result of their selection of IT Farm as their chosen provider of cloud hosting services to support their line-of-business applications as well as their Microsoft Office applications, utilising managed desktop services.  IT Farm and Safe4 have collaborated successfully with other customers in the past.  Mint needed a secure cloud platform to handle the documentation associated with their lending functions, and selected Safe4 to provide this service.

The Project

After a brief period of discussion to establish requirements and business processes, Mint commenced using the Safe4 service in July 2017, and began the process of scanning and uploading some of their case documentation backlog.  Safe4 will be used to handle the ongoing take-on of new lending cases, and will enable Mint to reduce their current paper-handling activities.

Paul Wertheim, Director of Mint Bridging, believes that implementing Safe4 will enhance efficiency and improve compliance, given the highly confidential nature of information that is handled in the course of daily business: “Safe4 allows Mint to make extensive use of cloud-based IT services, and is consistent with our policy of ensuring that confidential client information is handled as securely as possible.  It also allows us to achieve some operational efficiencies that will support our continuing rapid growth.  We look forward to working with Safe4 as we go forward, and potentially to making more extensive of use of the range of capabilities that their product offers.”

Ben Martin, Director of Safe4 Information Management, is delighted to be working with Mint.  “We welcome the opportunity to engage with rapidly-growing businesses in the UK financial services sector.  Mint Bridging have made a conscious move towards the use of cloud-based services, as this offers greater resilience and heightened security in the management of extremely confidential client information.  They also interact extensively with law firms who provide supporting services.  We are confident that our relationship with Mint Bridging will prosper as each of our businesses grows in the coming years.  This relationship also strengthens our partnership with IT Farm, who offer an excellent range of IT management services from their Manchester base.”

Safe4 Information Management was formed in 2010, with the specific objective of providing best-in-class secure information delivery services for customers in a range of business sectors.  All data stored by Safe4 is held in UK data centres accredited to ISO 27001, and is annually penetration tested in accordance with the requirements of various regulatory regimes.  Safe4 currently work with customers in the UK public sector, the National Health Service, international banks, as well as a range of professional practitioners and specialised consultancies and service providers.

Please contact us if you would like more information on this project, or on any further detail on how Safe4 can add value to your business.

UK corporates becoming more aware of the importance of GDPR compliance

Whilst the corporate sector in the UK is generally becoming aware of the need to ensure that they are compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulation that comes into force in May 2018, there are still some large firms who are alarmingly exposed to the risk of cyber attack. According to recent research, only just over half of the boards running FTSE 350 companies recognise the full impact of the threat of cyber attack, and the need to become GDPR compliant.

The impact of GDPR will affect all organisations in the UK, both large and small. In fact, it could well be the SME sector that faces the greatest risk, as many do not have a robust IT infrastructure or the necessary policies and procedures to protect their clients’ data. Safe4 are currently working with a number of organisations in the charities sector who wish to ensure that their essential information, most notably details of their donors and their financial records, do not fall prey to intrusion and thus expose them to severe penalties.

If you would like more information on how implementing Safe4 within your business can significantly reduce the risk of online fraud and data theft, please contact us.