The Asset Register

The Asset Register in Safe4 provides users with a powerful way to manage structured information about business events and transactions.

White Paper – The Asset Register

Safe4 virus protection enhanced

In order to maintain the primary Safe4 commitment of security for information held on behalf of customers and their clients, the anti-virus protection applied when documents are uploaded to the system has been enhanced. Scanning for viruses as every document is uploaded has been an automatic function of the system since Safe4 was launched, and this has now been updated and strengthened.

As well as rejecting any files that are found to contain a virus, the system will now send an email to the uploading user advising that the file has disallowed content, and to the nominated administrator. In addition, the attempted upload and the rejection are now captured by the Safe4 audit trail, and can be queried by a user with the appropriate administration permissions. If an infected file is placed into a ZIP file, Safe4 will detect the virus and reject the upload, regardless how many levels of ZIP file have been used. Similarly, any infected files uploaded using the WebDAV interface will be rejected and reported in the same way.

For more information on how Safe4 can enhance your online security and keep your information safe, please contact us.

Rackspace outage affects access to Safe4

Unfortunately on Thursday 29 June 2017 the Safe4 service was not available for just over two hours. The issue started at 11:14 BST, and service was resumed at 13:37. During this time it was not possible to connect to the Safe4 service through the normal web interface. We at Safe4 are very proud of our exceptional record of availability, and this was a significant outage. We appreciate that this has impacted our users and apologise for the inconvenience it will have caused.

As part of our routine operation we investigate all outages to determine the root cause and to see if there are any lessons that can be learnt in order to prevent a recurrence.

Our investigation showed that the issue was due to a global outage that had occurred at our hosting provider, Rackspace, affecting many of their customers. Rackspace have explained that the problem was caused by a licencing issue with one of their third party vendors used to provide their load balancing service. Safe4 makes use of load balancers in order to distribute web traffic across our servers to enable us to support our growing web traffic reliably. Since every access to our system uses the load balancers Safe4 was impacted by the problem at Rackspace.

The other parts of the Safe4 infrastructure continued to operate as normal, and at no stage was any customer information compromised.