“Secure” email services suffer outages – Safe4 records another month of 100% availability

Safe4 has for over 5 years offered a document delivery and storage service that is highly secure, flexible, and exceptional value for money. Still, however, a number of organisations believe that “secure” email is a viable alternative for getting confidential documents safely to clients and other external parties.

Recent events suggest that some providers of so-called secure email services are not as reliable as they would wish us to think.  Click here for some examples of this.

October 2015 saw another month of 100% availability for Safe4, independently verified. October was also a record month for new user registrations for Safe4.

We all use email services every day for a wide range of communication activities, but for getting confidential information to recipients outside your own domain it carries high risks. When the “send” button is pressed we simply hope for the best, and have no way of knowing whether the transmission will be intercepted en route through one of the many servers it may be handled by, or indeed how it will be managed after arrival.

For more information on how Safe4 can help your organisations to avoid the risks of using email to carry confidential information, please contact us. We will be delighted to assist.