EU nullifies Safe Harbour agreement with US: where is your data stored?

Back in 2010, when we launched the company, we decided that all of the information held within Safe4 would be stored in UK-only data centres accredited to the ISO 27001 security standard. That decision has been vindicated on many occasions since, and has been given further weight by a recent ruling at the European Court of Justice. The inescapable verdict: if your data contains confidential or sensitive material, relying on US data privacy laws could put you at risk.

The EU has now been joined by Israel in recognising the flaws in the EU / US Safe Harbour agreement; Israel is now recommending that data containing personal information should not be transferred to the United States – click here to read more.

It is now widely acknowledged that the weakness of data privacy laws in the US can expose many types of organisation to unacceptable and unnecessary risk. In spite of this many businesses in the UK still use data services managed by some of the IT giants who are located in the US. Safe4 stores all of the data it holds within the UK, and does not use any US-located resources for any part of the management of the system.

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Google Docs crashes – Safe4 has another month of 100% availability

The last month has seen outages from Dropbox and Amazon Web Services, and this morning there is a report of what seems like a distatrous failure of Google Docs. Take a look at this.

During September, Safe4 achieved another month of 100% availability, together with a further surge in user numbers. Response times were again around 500 milliseconds, which means fast access as well as total availability and security.

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