3 of the major benefits Safe4 delivers …

Customers across a number of different business sectors are using Safe4 to increasingly positive effect, both within their own businesses, and more importantly to get confidential information to external parties without risking the use of email.

In addition to the overriding value to be gained by avoiding the inappropriate use of email, Safe4 customers are gaining other significant advantages.

  1. Using Safe4 saves money, and improves internal efficiency. When confidential information has to be transferred to other parties, traditional hard-copy methods are slow and expensive. In several specific instances, Safe4 clients have had to transfer files which not only contain highly confidential information but also are too large for email. Other customers have saved the annual cost of a client vault in postage and stationery within the first few weeks of using Safe4. The ability to gain immediate access to information whilst travelling is also valuable, and allows potentially difficult situations to be dealt with quickly and effectively.
  2. Safe4 can significantly improve regulatory compliance. Today’s business environment is increasingly heavily regulated, and the ability to prove good practice and adherence to specific codes and standards is of great importance. The comprehensive audit trails and reporting facilities that Safe4 provides allow evidence of all document-related activity to be offered in support of any claims or disputes that may arise.
  3. The use of Safe4 can help to improve client service, and can also assist with the development of a different, more interactive relationship with clients and other external parties. The white-labelling and branding capabilities of Safe4 support consistent brand and image presentation, and allow external parties to receive and use information instantaneously.

The UK-hosted service offered by Safe4 will also add to the confidence that foreign authorities or jurisdictions cannot interfere with customers’ confidential information. Because Safe4 is a UK company operating under the law of England and Wales, further potential risks to security are avoided.

For more information on how Safe4 can help to add value to your business, please contact us. We will be delighted to hear from you.

Another record month for Safe4

July 2015 saw yet another record month for Safe4, with the highest monthly number of new users so far, and 100% availability. Average page response times were well under half a second, meaning that Safe4 customers and their clients were able to gain very rapid access to the service at all times. Safe4 remains one of the safest sites on the internet, as several more security improvements were made during July.

For more information on how Safe4 can assist your business to save money, improve compliance and achieve enhanced customer service, contact us.