Safe4 Announces the Release of Version 4.1

Safe4 version 4.1 is a significant new release that has added a host of new capabilities to the system.  These include:

  • Refactored PIN entry and confirmation.  The login page looks a little different, and handles login data more securely.
  • Both username and password are case-sensitive when using the WebDAV connection facility.
  • A global timeout value of 30 minutes has been set.  This time period will commence from the last keystroke or mouse movement.  The timeout in earlier versions of Safe4 had a less well controlled timing value.
  • Removal of the need for a user to re-enter their PIN when accessing a PIN-controlled provider account or client vault after initial login using PIN.  This saves time when moving between client vaults that are secured by use of the PIN.
  • Improvements to File/Folder Search function – added folder information.  The appearance and clarity of the results screen have been improved.
  • Text in the subject line of email notification messages has been altered to include the provider name instead of “Safe4”.  Messages received by Safe4 users now have stronger provider branding.
  • An Archive facility has been added to allow all of the files and folders within a client vault to be downloaded as a single ZIP file for removal from the system, or for storage elsewhere within Safe4. This can enable very rapid and effective conclusion of a project, for instance, or a data room in the context of mergers and acquisitions.
  • A quick client search in the provider client management screen, with an alpha index at the top of the client list.  For providers with large numbers of client vaults, rapid access can be gained to the vault in question.
  • Change to the way in which clients lists are displayed, allowing the vault size and the number of files within each vault to be displayed on the provider client management screen.
  • A comments facility within the Single File Upload function, to add a narrative when uploading a new file, or a new version of an existing file.  This can be viewed by hovering over the filename after upload.  This is particularly helpful when adding a narrative to accompany the upload of a new version of a document.
  • Addition of the option to restrict the type of file that can be uploaded to a client vault, or at provider level, through an extension whitelist facility.  Only files with the permitted extension can be uploaded.
  • Ability to copy currently-registered users when a client vault is cloned.  Users will be able to see and access the new vault on their next login without requiring another invitation.
  • Ability to invite new users when a client vault is cloned, and for email message content to be added within the same function.
  • Rapid setup of new client vaults, with the ability to invite users as part of the vault creation process.  Email message content can also be added at this stage.  For the creation of new legal matters, this saves time and makes the process much simpler.
  • Improved screens for managing provider and client details, with tabbed separation of configuration parameters.
  • More flexible use of information fields within provider configuration.
  • Alteration of the provider client management screen display, to simplify the actions which can be performed on each client vault through an Actions button.  Access to vault users can be gained directly from this screen, without having to open up the vault in question.
  • Ability to select to view active or inactive client vaults within the provider client management screen.
  • The option to scan for protectively marked files.  This will scan uploaded file metadata for a specified text string, and if found will reject the uploaded file.  The uploading user and the nominated administrator will be advised by email of the failed attempt to upload.
  • The option to scan for password-protected files.  If a password is detected, the upload will be rejected.
  • When the file scanning option is selected, Safe4 will also check each uploaded file to ensure that the file format matches the extension.  Any which do not match, or have had their extension altered, will be rejected.  This will relate to commonly-used file formats only, such as MS Office, pdf, jpg.
  • The file details window (audit trail) will show provider users all file-related activities for all users, but for client users will only show their own activity.  Confidentiality is thus improved.
  • Within a client vault, when viewing the list of users the telephone number of each user is displayed as well as email address.
  • The method of viewing image files such as pdf and jpg has been altered. These files will now be displayed within a new browser tab.  Editable files, such as MS Office format files, will be opened using the native application as before.

Safe4 continue to enhance the platform and are already planning the content of the next release.