Significant performance improvements with new version of Safe4

Many document-sharing business processes require the ability to manage multiple versions of a file within a single record, so that the history of changes can be tracked more easily. This facility is now available as a standard funcion with the latest release of Safe4.

The addition of file versioning follows feedback from a number of customers and users, who need to manage files throughout a lifecycle.  The simplicity of the Safe4 user interface makes it quick and easy to see that files have earlier versions, each of which can be viewed if required.  Earlier versions can also be “restored” to become the current version again if necessary.  When a file is added to the system with the same name as one already present in a folder, the new file will be visible as the current, or released, version.

Performance of Safe4 has also been dramatically improved, with some of the system functions now being shortened by up to 90% against v3.5.